Held Tuesdays, November 8 – December 13, 2011

Eddie and The Upside Down Canoe, by Marion Lyman-Mersereau, Directed by Steve Wagenseller

Will the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up? By Nancy P. Moss. Directed by Reiko H0

Kenji’s Lament (A Monologue), By Joe Tsujimoto, Directed by Terri Madden

Caliban and the First Tourist Luau, By Mark Tjarks, Directed by Aitos Simpson Steele

Aloha from the World of Tomorrow By Troy Apostol, Directed by Troy Apostol

Memories of You By Neal Milner, Directed by Glenn Cannon

Answering Machine, Written and Directed By John Meyers

Three Kinds of Shame, By Neal Milner, Directed by Keith Kashiwada