Community Leaders Respond to “Wahiawa: Remembah Wen…”

"Instead of being presented with a script to memorize, each cast member researched the foundations of “Wahiawa: Remembah Wen…” to create an original story written by and for the people of Wahiawa…genuinely a characterization of PlayBuilders!"
Jo-lin Kalimapau
Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawa
"Terri Madden, director of 'Wahiawa: Remembah Wen…' came to our town like an Olympic Torchbearer, carrying the flame…the light. She listened to the community’s needs and concerns and nurtured a play that we all are proud of. Mahalo Playbuilders and Terri Madden."
Dr. Jared Kanemaru
Kanemaru Dental Group

Wahiawa Historical Society
"Thank you for investing your talent and time into Wahiawa! You have blessed our community, we are very grateful."
Tom Bauer
Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Surfing the Nations + Resident of Wahiawa