Photos from the Rotary Club Event!

Photos are of the combined PlayBuilders/ARTS at Marks Garage and East Honolulu/Honolulu Pau Hana Rotary Clubs networking event held on Feb. 23 at the ARTS at Marks Garage. It was a fantastic evening with deep conversations and great connections made between Rotarians and Artists. Donna Prather lead the groups in a wonderful warm up and our own Terri Madden read excerpts from “Appalachia, Hawaii” and spoke of PlayBuilders upcoming project in Wahiawa. Laura Steelquist and Faye Ross spoke of the benefits of joining Rotary. Rich Richardson gave a talk about The ARTS at Marks Garage and 6 partners discussed their various projects. Both organizations report huge benefits from organizing this event. This event was organized by Terri Madden, Donna Prather, Faye Ross, and Mark Tagawa.