Bursting Bubbles, PlayFestival, and Missionary Stories

Bursting Bubbles Project


PlayBuilders is currently working with recovering survivors of domestic violence, meeting once a week, sharing stories while working on a collaborative play that will educate the public regarding this very complex topic.

We are working in collaboration with Jenny Delos Santos, author of "Falling Perfectly Without Trying" and A.M. Mayes, author of "Saved by Zero." These two books serve as the inspiration and cornerstone of this project.

Theatre practitioners working on this play include directors Laura Clark and Misa Sione, and playwrights Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak, Lauren Ballesteros, and Deanna Espinas. Members of the PlayBuilders Ensemble include Mala Sylvester, and Deanna Espinas. Please donate today! Proceeds will go directly to Bursting Bubbles until we have enough to get the project up and going. Your gift will help empower survivors and transform communities.

" As a psychologist who has worked with survivors, I found my heart caught in my throat multiple times...there was a healing that occurred"

Gwen Williams regarding #MeToo Survivors Circle

"Its important work - not just entertainment. Something changes when you perform your own story and hear other peopleʻs"

Survivor and Performer. #MeToo Survivors Circle.

The PlayBuilders Festival- Submission Window is Now Open!

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PlayBuilders announces the submission window is now open for the 9th Annual PlayFestival. Please send your full or one act length plays to submissions@playbuilders.org.

We need help with organizing so those playwrights who are not submitting this year, please contact Terri at terri.madden@playbuilders.org to join this year’s organizing committee.

We want your thoughts on how this should be run.

Teachers! If you have students who are interested in writing plays, and would like a volunteer playwright to come to your classroom to discuss playwriting with them please give me a call, and remember, We always welcome new talent to The PlayBuilders Festival!

Terri can be reached at 808-218-0103

Did you know?

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Marion Lyman Mersereau, winner of the 2011 PlayFestival and author of the play and childrenʻs book, "Eddie Wen Go" has been commissioned to write "Open Your Hearts Wide" a play written with and for Hawaiiʻs missionary descendents. Here she is pictured with Steven Wagenseller who directed "Eddie Wen Go" and two young actors who performed in the reading with their mom.

If you have a missionary story to share, please let us know by emailing Terri at terri.madden@playbuilders.org