A Special Message from Dots


Just a few words to express my felling about and sincere gratitude to you and Playbuilders.

Thank you for choosing Wahiawa for your inaugural community based theater production. I was a believer from the first meeting we had at Dots. I could sense your sincerity, and passion and knew i wanted to support this. With this as a foundational basis, it was easy to support in any way we could.

Playbuilders approach was very accommodating at Dots and it was our pleasure playing host to your “roving” production company. We are proud to have been their first “home” and enjoyed the experience start to finish. We certainly hope what we provided was sufficient to aid in the daunting endeavor undertaken. It has inspired us at Dots to see what can be done when passion and vision meet community heart. We thank you for your full cooperation and respect towards our business’ needs as we had many functions and responsibilities to fulfill in the same space the rehearsals and play were in.

From our perspective, and the underlying reason we have endorsed and involved ourselves with Playbuilders, was the model and passion to help build up community. We know that the efforts put forth by the cast and crew, through the leadership of Terri Madden has made a lasting and inspirational impact on those community members that contributed to the stories in the play, those involved in the play, and those who came out to see the play. In Fact, we are still getting calls to ask when there will be more performances! This is evidence that the play made a more general impact as well, as those who were not directly involved with the play have also been touched by it! We truly believe that it will continue to do so for quite some time.

We at Dots want to thank Playbuilders for choosing our venue to perform at and presenting us with an opportunity to invite and meet new families and faces to our business. We are impressed with the number of people who came out to see the play, and in turn see our restaurant. Many for the first time, or first time in a long while. This opportunity is invaluable to us in this economically challenging time. The historical background of our restaurant portrayed in the play brought back fond memories and gives us strength to look forward to 70 more years of business.

Best wishes and luck to you in the future,

Scott Harada

Dots Reataurant