Celebrating Community Partnerships with Rotary!

In addition to working with PlayBuilders, our founder, Terri Madden is an active Rotarian. She and her fellow Rotarians, Faye Ross, Mark Tagawa and Donna Prather decided that it would be a great idea to host a Rotarian and Partners of Marks Garage Vocational Networking Event. Director of Marks Garage Rich Richardson agreed so this Thursday evening we are having a very special gathering at the ARTS at Marks Garage.

This is an opportunity for PlayBuilders to make an important connection with Rotary Clubs of Honolulu. We plan to go to Rotary Clubs and other organizations of that type to introduce us to the communities they represent. For example, the Rotary Pau Hana Club of Chinatown will be there and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to them and ask for them to help us organize story circles for Alvin Chan, our Chinatown playwright.