Night 3 of "Fostering Ohana" Production Project

I auditioned for PlayBuilders back in 2013, just a couple months after finally getting settled here in Hawaii. I knew this wasn't typical theater I was getting myself into. This is activist art. Save the world kind of _____. We are a group of open minded, open hearted creators/ performers taking community stories and creating a play. This work, truly is healing work, for everyone involved. To have someone share their story with you is an incredible gift. 

Tonight we practiced interviewing and performing. We interviewed our person and then performed as that person telling their story. In the end we gathered in a story circle and expressed how it felt to perform and how it felt to see your story being performed. Tears were shed, spiritual connections were made, healing was in action. 

We all have a story. Everyone's story is worth listening to. We are all different yet all the same. We were meant to take care of community. When we do what we are supposed to be doing, countless miracles start to happen and come together. Some may call it God, the universe, good jujus. Everything falls into place as if something up above is happily conducting all these unexplainable blessing before us. Our ensemble and family is getting bigger and bigger each night and it's only night 3! I can see the little angels pushing these souls to us. Welcome. 
My soul feels good, my body feels good. I confidently know I am where I need to be and was meant to be. I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of this project. You will hear about us if it's not from me. Positive vibration.