PlayBuilders Enlists New Community Partners

Community Partners, Catholic Charities Hawaii and Becker Communication Work with PlayBuilders on Marketing of Homeless Play

This afternoon, Jerry Rauckhorst, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, gathered an impressive group of creative, hardworking people to assist PlayBuilders in publicizing our new community play, “On (and Off) the Streets of Honolulu.”

Caroline Witherspoon, president of Becker Communications, presented a detailed communications plan for the play to Mr. Rauckhorst, CCH Director of Intake, Information and Referral: Rona Fukumoto, CCH Social Policy Director: Trisha Kajimura, Playwright and Producer: Mark Tjarks, PlayBuilders Artistic Director: Terri Madden and PlayBuilders Secretary and recently retired Executive Director of YMCA Atherton: Donna Prather. Of special interest was a special performance we are planning on November 16 which will be a unique opportunity for open discussion on the subject of homelessness with community leaders and providers. As Mr. Rauckhorst said,”The event will be a celebration of a emerging dialogue between the homeless and homeless services providers, between foundations, charities, and activists, between business and churches, and between City and Stage government. This will be a chance to step out of our circles of influence and come together to solve homelessness on Oahu.”

PlayBuilders is very appreciative of the tremendous efforts that both Catholic Charities Hawaii and Becker Communications are contributing in order to insure that “On (and Off) the Streets of Honolulu” has a successful, well attended run. We plan to meet again in the near future.

“On (and Off) the Streets of Honolulu” is a play written by Mark Tjarks using interviews he has collected over the course of a year with the collaboration of members of Oahu’s the homeless community. The play is based on the actual words of individuals who have struggled with homelessness on Oahu and will be performed by both PlayBuilder’s professional actors and community members during the month of November.