PlayBuilders Selects Wahiawa/Schofield as their first Community Collaboration

PlayBuilders of Hawaii Theatre Company is pleased to announce that it has plans to produce a revised version of Terri Madden’s "Appalachia, Hawai’i" for the communities of Schofield and Wahiawa in August. Community Partners who have committed to helping PlayBuilders organize this production include State Representative Marcus Oshiro and the non-profit organization, Surfing the Nations. This will be PlayBuilders’ very first community based play and is a goal several years in the making.

PlayBuilders plans to hold it’s first community “Story Circle” on Saint Patricks Day at the Honjiwa Temple in Wahiawa, on Saturday, March 17th at 6 PM. Irish stew, salad, soda bread and soft drinks will be served. Madden explains, “Our goal is to encourage people of Wahiawa to share their stories with us so that we can gather enough material to create a real community based play.”

A Story Circle is a workshop that brings members of a community together with PlayBuilders lead artists to participate in a sharing of information. It’s a powerful research tool and helps our playwrights develop material for plays. As part of the story circle, PlayBuilders will present a rehearsed reading of scenes from Appalachia, Hawai’i by some of Honolulu’s best actors.The cast is as follows:

Allan Okubo- Joseph
Blossom Lam Hoffman- Tutu Elizabeth
Jade Glover- Lani
Aubrey Glover- Kathy
Josh Dulhaylodsod- Kawika
John Myers- Blake
Jo Pruden- Grandmother Garnet
Stacy Ray- Joyce
Beth Madden Burdette- Grace
Blake Nakoa- Jimmy

This is a very exciting time for PlayBuilders. We look forward to getting to know the people of Wahiawa and Schofield. We think they will enjoy participating in the creation of a play of, for and by their communities. We love Wahiawa and Schofield!